Goodbye/Güle güle


Sadly our adventures together in Calis have come to an end. This website will remain online until the domain expires.

I hereby give permission for other websites/blogs to download and use our content if desired. Thank you to everyone who visited and thank you especially to all the wonderful people of Çaliş, Fethiye and Turkey, you will always be in our memories.

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Turkish Bath

After Turkish Delight, the Turkish Bath is probably the next thing tourists most often associate with the country, yet few of us actually know exactly what it entails. A Turkish bath or “Hamam” became...


Çaliş by Quadcopter

Watch this great Quadcopter footage of Calis beach taken by Ali Kavak of Yaren Boat trips/hire. You can see the main Çaliş beach strip and the nearby ocean, wonderful!


The Pines

Located a little off the main tourist track, just opposite the Calis marketplace but within walking distance of most hotels and accommodation in the area, The Pines is another quality bar and restaurant that’s...


Angel Café Turkish Night

This year we were lucky enough to enjoy the Café’s “BBQ and Turkish night”. This is a pre-arranged evening of food and entertainment. The 30TL asking price includes the all you can eat buffet, the evenings entertainment and transport to and from the Café.


Poppy Apartments

For our 2015 stay in Calis, we once again found ourselves in need of accommodation, due to all the rooms at the family home being occupied. After browsing the web for nearby rooms, we...


Entertainers, Buskers and Vendors

Being located on the seafront, Calis, in particular the Plaji/Beach, often becomes the typical seaside town tourist trap. Trinket sellers, buskers and other entertainers often patrol the length of the strip. This happens more...


Water World Aqua Park

It was the last day of our 2015 holiday, but being on the red-eye flight much later that evening we were keen to make the most of our last day in the country and...


Kayaköy, the Ghost Town

The ghost town of Kayaköy is actually a village also sometimes known as Livissi. It can be found 8km south of Fethiye. It was inhabited by a group of approximately 2000 Anatolian Greek Christians...


Jeep Safari

It’s early evening and our open top Land Rover is hurtling down a dual carriageway road. The speakers underneath our seats beat out a selection of tunes consisting of Turkish pop and those notorious...


Nil Motel

Being lucky enough to have family living in the Çaliş area, we don’t often need to seek accommodation elsewhere in the town. However, when all the family is visiting at the same time, there...